Meet Tim Harrison BIOGRAPHY Tim began working with animals at the age of 16 as a veterinarian’s assistant.  While volunteering at a local nature center, he assisted in the development of outreach programs and the rehabilitation of wild animals.  Tim would soon become known as one of the best in the country, prompting zoos and wildlife facilities to hire him to raise and rehabilitate exotic animals. Passing at the top of his class in one of the most demanding and rigorous qualification courses in the country, Tim became a combination police officer, firefighter and paramedic for the city of Oakwood, Ohio. Due to his background in law enforcement and extensive knowledge of exotic wildlife, law enforcement agencies and animal control officers have called upon Tim to rescue wild and exotic animals in suburban settings.  Tim has been consulted on national and state levels regarding his captures of and handling of wolves, cougars, exotic big cats and venomous snakes.  Many of his exploits have been covered in local and national media, two books and an award winning documentary based on his work. In addition to his achievements with exotic animals and law enforcement, Tim is trained as a martial arts fighter, is a World Heavyweight Karate Champion and was awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards by both the International and US Martial Arts Hall of Fames. Tim also works for Homeland Security as an instructor for Disaster and Emergency Response at Texas A&M.  He is a member of The Explorers Club and has traveled the globe with world-renowned nature filmmakers and wildlife authors.  His travels include Asia, South America, Africa, Australia, Europe and North America where he has investigated and learned much about animals and their native environments.   HONORS AND ACCREDITATIONS World Heavyweight Karate Champion – World Congress of Martial Artists Lifetime Achievement Award – International Martial Arts Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award – USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1st Level Black Sash – Shaolin Tiger Kung Fu 3rd Degree Blackbelt – American Bushido Karate 7th Degree Blackbelt – Tang Soo Do Homeland Security Instructor Top in Physical Fitness Award – Ohio State Patrol Academy Explorers Club Fellow PADI Scuba Diver Outstanding Environmental Educator of the Year Environmental Education Council of Ohio Guardian Angel Award – Big Cat Rescue Genesis Award – Humane Society of the United States Featured in Tae Kwon Do Times – Cop Wrestling-Survival on the Street Totally Tae Kwon Do Magazine – Three Minutes to Eternity - Police Ground Fighting & Counter Ambush   WILDLIFE VIDEOS “Wolf Recovery Program – Yellowstone National Park” – Host/Producer “Bears of Yellowstone” – Host/Producer “Blue Sharks of the Pacific” – Host/Producer “Great White Sharks – Shark Alley South Africa” – Host/Producer “Wild About Manatees” – Host/Producer “Wild About Raptors” – Host/Producer “Wild Australia: Tasmania and Mainland” – Host/Producer “Rattlesnake Man of Virginia” – Host/Producer “Otter Odyssey” – Host/Producer     PUBLISHED AUTHOR “Wild Times, Tales from Suburban Safaris” “Wildlife Warrior, more Tales from Suburban Safaris” “Use of Force Continuum for Exotic Animals” – Practiced by law enforcement and rescue personnel across the country.   TELEVISION APPEARANCES Animal Planet – “Wild Rescues” National Geographic Channel – “5 Days of Snakes” Warner Brothers  - “the Daily Buzz” Series Regular Inside Edition – Undercover Exotic Auction Expose ABC World News Tonight – Live Interview NBC Nightly News – Live Interview Fox & Friends – Live Interview Fox News – Live Interview Regional Television: Countless television appearances around the country.  Animal Planet's,"Fatal Attractions" , ABC's 20/20 interview TVTOKYO's , " Mr. Takashi's, What They Do Not Teach You in School".   MOTION PICTURE The Elephant in the Living Room – Featured   WORK HISTORY Public Safety Officer: City of Oakwood, Dayton, OH (1981-2011) …… A.C.C.O (Crew Commander) Police, Fire, Rescue (19 years) …… F.T.O. (Field Training Officer) Police, Fire, Rescue (20 years) …… National Incident Management System (FEMA) …… Enhanced Incident Management Unified Command Course .......Tipp City Animal Hospital ( veterinary assistant) 1973-1976). ........Stouder Memorial Hospital ( orderly/ ER Tech) 1976-1977... ........Piqua Memorial Hospital (orthopedic tech/ surgical assistant) 1977-1981.   Director, Outreach for Animals: Dayton, OH (2000-Present) Homeland Security Instructor: TEEX/NERRTC (2005-Present) Defensive Tactics Instructor (certified O.P.O.T.A.) (24 years) Physical Fitness Instructor (certified O.P.O.T.A.) (20 years) National Red Man Instructor (certified simulation trainer) (16 years) Bike Patrol Officer (certified, Dayton Police Academy) Ohio Peace Officer (certified, Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy) Ohio Firefighter (certified, Ohio Fire Academy) EMT/Paramedic (certified, State of Ohio through Grandview Hosp/Sinclair College) Paramedic Preceptor, Montgomery County Ohio/CPR-First Aid Instructor F.O.P. Vice-President Mutual Aid Responder, National level exotic animal emergency incidents Incident Command System (28 years experience-Fire, Police, EMS/Rescue)
ABC 20/20 featuring Tim Harrison and Michael Webber
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Help the Cause Outreach for Animals is solely funded by donations from supporters like yourself. Our tireless mission would be impossible without your help. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today in order to improve the life of an animal tomorrow. Click Here to donate to the cause. Thank you for your generous support. See the Film Our work was recently highlighted in the award winning documentary The Elephant in the Living Room. Director Michael Webber explores the controversial subculture of exotic pets by chronicling the lives of two men at the heart of the issue - Tim Harrison and lion owner Terry Brumfield. See the film on iTunes, Netflix, and where movies are sold. Genesis Award Winner Awarded by The Humane Society of the United States, film director Michael Webber and Tim Harrison received the prestigious Genesis Award for bringing national awareness to the issue of captive wild animals. Click Here to watch a clip from the Animal Planet broadcast.