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Help the Cause Outreach for Animals is solely funded by donations from supporters like yourself. Our tireless mission would be impossible without your help. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today in order to improve the life of an animal tomorrow. Click Here to donate to the cause. Thank you for your generous support. See the Film Our work was recently highlighted in the award winning documentary The Elephant in the Living Room. Director Michael Webber explores the controversial subculture of exotic pets by chronicling the lives of two men at the heart of the issue - Tim Harrison and lion owner Terry Brumfield. See the film on iTunes, Netflix, and where movies are sold. Genesis Award Winner Awarded by The Humane Society of the United States, film director Michael Webber and Tim Harrison received the prestigious Genesis Award for bringing national awareness to the issue of captive wild animals. Click Here to watch a clip from the Animal Planet broadcast.
 " Outreach for Animals is the " Last Resort" for many dangerous wild/ exotic animals and their owners. We are in constant need of funding for medical treatment, relocating, rescuing and education . Our organization works with big cats, venomous/large constricting snakes, bears, alligators/crocodiles and domestic animals. We cannot do our work with out your financial help and prayers. Please watch the SPECIAL MESSAGE above and donate. As our Director says, "It is not their fault they are here, but it is our fault if we do nothing to help them." THANK YOU!
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